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Custom Order Inquiry & Contact

Custom Orders are an option for all of our fans to interact with our stories, characters, actresses, and concepts!


The way this works, is you come up with a concept, a length of film, and a budget you're looking for and we will work with you to take everything, mesh it all together, and deliver to you an outstanding product that we can all be proud of!!


A very large percentage of the films we offer are custom orders. The buyer funds a portion of the production costs and in turn, we offer the film for sale to the general public. The buyer always receives the film before anyone else and any perks that come along with it, such as Photo Sets, if applicable. If you are requesting a hard copy with your custom, please factor in the labor and materials for production plus shipping costs.


Basic custom order rates are calculated on actor compensation, props needed, additional costumes or costume requests, location, and editor. There are several other departments in the production such as camera ops, grips, PA's, Sound Mixers/Boom Ops, scouting, equipment, food, travel, fittings, screenwriting, and more that we cover the costs of as a standard operating practice.


When submitting your info, please include all details. Once actresses and production team confirm, no additional changes can be made. Delivery is typically around 60 days after finalizing all details to book talent, lock locations, book crew, film, complete post-production (sometimes several different editors), then upload and deliver. We appreciate your interest in The Superheroines and we look forward to reading your ideas!!



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